Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Time in Stockholm

THS and I went up to our spot high above the city today (already described in the post entitled A Little Trip to Europe). Here's a picture that THS took.

So Sweden is big on advent. I've never been so conscious of advent in all my life. Gosh, before I came to Sweden, I had almost forgotten what the word meant! But the thing about advent as the Swedes play it, see, is that it's addictive. Every day is a new surprise. You all are already aware of the advent internet Christmas song calendar I posted below. So I'm addicted to that. Every day I listen to the new song at midnight. And then, more importantly, there's the national obsession, the Swedish advent Christmas television show -- fun for the whole family. Every year Sweden's most famous actors and playwrights and celebrated directors and production designers etc. all get together and create a Christmas advent special. Every day everyone gets up early and watches it. This year it's about two child detectives who live in a strangely gothic industrial city reminiscent of the version of New York presented in Les Triplettes de Belleville. You can take a peak if you like, although WARNING, THE LANGUAGE OF COMMUNICATION IN THIS FILM IS "SWEDISH":

  • Lassemaja's Detective Agency with Realplayer

  • Lassemaja's Detective Agency with Windows Media Player

  • Swedes really go all out at Christmas time in other ways too. Everyone has these beautiful stars in their windows, and THS made sure that we had one too.

    And then there's the food. Ooh la la.


    Anonymous elizabeth said...

    so how did the written go? your readers are on tenter hooks!

    9:57 PM  
    Blogger Ida said...

    I don't know yet! I'll post about it when I find out...

    7:30 PM  

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